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Where Hard Work Creates Opportunity

“I live what I teach. Never playing a second of high school varsity basketball until my senior year, I know and understand first hand the challenges young people face trying to make a team, earn quality playing time, or winning a position in the starting lineup.

After high school I went on to become a three-time All American and two-time National Player of the Year in college. Since then I have played professionally for the past 20 years in the very best professional leagues throughout Europe. In the pros, I have won scoring titles, league MVP's and 2 championships. The instruction and training at Panko Performance is rooted in the fundamentals of the game, which I feel is missing from the culture of youth basketball today.

I can honestly, and confidently, challenge any claim from any source suggesting better instruction or training in basketball is available anywhere in Pennsylvania other than at Panko Performance.” - Andy Panko

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Andy Panko directly leads and participates in all instruction and training at Panko Performance.

“It is my goal to provide the highest quality basketball instruction for the developing athlete regardless of age, talent, or level of competition. I am eager to share my knowledge of basketball and experiences as a professional basketball player with you.” - Andy Panko

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Panko Performance is an over 11,000 square foot professional basketball facility offering official FIBA courts and state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

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“For me, basketball is much more than who can jump the highest or dunk the most. Hard work, determination, and the fundamentals of the game beats a dunk every time.” - Andy Panko

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